Victim of lesbian serial killer behind German crossbow massacre revealed as ‘sex slave master’ who ran Game of Thrones style fetish shop

Victim of lesbian serial killer behind German crossbow massacre revealed as ‘sex slave master’ who ran Game of Thrones style fetish shop

A VICTIM of a German lesbian crossbow killer was a sex slave master who ran a bizarre fetish shop, it has been reported.

The killings have left five people dead – three of them killed by crossbows in a small guesthouse – in a case that has gripped Germany.

Torsten Weiss was killed by a crossbow bolt in a guesthouse by the Austrian border
Farina Caspari is believed to have killed Weiss and his partner before turning the crossbow on herself

Farina Caspari, 30, is believed to have killed Torsten Weiss, 53, and his 33-year-old partner Kerstin Enders with a crossbow before turning the weapon on herself

All three were Medieval re-enactment enthusiasts and Weiss lived with his partner in the village of Westerwald.

He ran a bizarre medieval-themed shop filled with weapons, Knights Templar flags and a blood-spattered female mannequin on the counter.

At one point Caspari and her girlfriend reportedly lived in a farmhouse with Weiss, who was described as a “master” who harshly ordered the women about.

He reportedly wore several body piercings and tattoos and also had an enthusiasm for alchemy.

According to reports, Weiss and Enders were killed with bolts through their hearts as they held hands on a bed in a guesthouse at Passau, by the Austrian border.

He had received with two more bolts to the chest and two to the head while she was hit with another bolt through the forehead, on Friday night.

Both had drawn up wills before their deaths and it is thought that they were killed by Caspari, a bakery sales manager, who then killed herself with a single bolt to her throat.


Tests on the three bodies in the guesthouse had revealed no evidence of poison or drugs, Walter Feiler, chief prosecutor in Passau, told the Passauer Neue Presse newspaper.

“There were no signs of a struggle or self-defence. It appears we are dealing with a killing on demand or a group suicide,” he said.
Meanwhile cops found two corpses found at her flat in Wittingen, a village in northern Germany, including that of Caspari’s partner, a 35-year-old primary school teacher named only as Gertrude C.
Also found dead was their flat mate, Carina U, aged 19.

Previously Weiss had lived in a rented farmhouse which he reportedly shared with Caspari, her partner and Carina.

Alexander Krüger, 44, who rented the property to Weiss, said he was a “master” who ordered the women about.

He told Bild, Weiss at first claimed to be a psychologist wanting to rent the farmhouse with his girlfriend, who he described as a business lawyer, but she disappeared after the lease was signed.

She was replaced by a lesbian couple, believed to be Caspari and her girlfriend, who where joined later by a much younger girl, who is though to be Carina.

“His tone with them was strange. They were almost submissive, I had the impression that they are hardly allowed to talk to me,” said Kruger.

“Their reaction, the body language was submissive, holding their heads down. If I did not know better, I’d say they were really scared of him.”

A mannequin sits on a table in the shop run by Weiss
He ran the shop in the village of Wittingen with his partner
Weiss’s partner Kerstin Enders was killed as the couple held hands


Two crossbows were reportedly found in the room by police when officers searched the guesthouse[/caption]

An undertaker carrying a body bag out of a cordoned off house in Wittingen, northern Germany, where two bodies were found

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