The Inbetweeners reunion: James Buckley APOLOGISES for 'letting down' fans after backlash

The Inbetweeners reunion: James Buckley APOLOGISES for 'letting down' fans after backlash

The 31-year-old actor, who famously played Jay in the hit E4 comedy series, was reunited with his co-stars Blake Harrison, Simon Bird and Joe Thomas for a one-off special last night as they took a trip down memory lane Inbetweeners-style. However, many viewers were disappointed the look back was a done in a chat show format, hosted by Jimmy Carr, 46, rather than a brand new episode. Taking to Twitter today, James addressed the criticism, writing to his 389,000 followers: “Feeling pretty hated right now. I’m sorry to anyone who feels let down with last night’s show.

“I’m especially upset as it really is the fans that made The Inbetweeners a success, it certainly wasn’t me,” he continued.

“I might do an explanation video on my YT, or might just leave it and move on. #Sorry.”(sic)

Comedian Robert Webb, 46, jumped to James’ defence, commenting: “James mate, the Star Wars Summertime Special didn’t bear much resemblance to Star Wars. Proper fans understand the difference.

“It doesn’t stop Mark Hamill apologising but the pair of you should take heart. Never mind the hate — here’s some love you great wally.”

Some fans also insisted they had enjoyed The Inbetweeners reunion, with one saying: “I really enjoyed it. When you went back to Rudge Park was an awesome nostalgia trip and the best bit.”

“Nothing was ever gonna live up to the show, was still cool to see y’all in one place again,” another tweeted, adding: “TBH I think Jimmy Carr was the issue, I find him really funny but he wasn’t a good fit for that kind of thing.”(sic)

“Don’t apologise! Definitely wasn’t your fault, you four seemed like the only genuine people the whole time! Came across really well,” a third commented.

“It took all of a few seconds to find out it wasn’t going to be an episode,” another social media user penned. “I thought it was going to be an episode, I read the description, I found out it wasn’t. I wasn’t disappointed because I never expected it in the first place.”

Meanwhile, Blake, who played Neil in The Inbetweeners, seemed less distraught about the negative feedback the reunion received.

“So, 2019 off to a good start,” he quipped, in view of his 166,000 Twitter followers.

The reunion came under fire after viewers appeared to have thought they were going to be treated to a new episode of the series, rather than a chat show.

“The Inbetweeners Reunited was terrible,” one fan tweeted. “I thought it was gonna be a two-hour episode, gutted.”

“First let down of 2019 was thinking The Inbetweeners special was going to be an episode when really it was a best bits of the show,” another said, while a third called the programme “toe-curling”.

“Format of this show is f***ing awful,” another blasted. “Get rid of Jimmy Carr, get rid of the pointless awards and let’s just have the cast anecdotes.”

At one point in the reunion, the four cast members piled into the now infamous yellow Fiat Cinquecento Hawaii to give it a quick spin.

The show also featured throwback clips from the much-loved series and chats with James, Blake, Simon and Joe.

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