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McDaniel lays out GOP convention theme: 'The best is yet to come for every American'

“The best is yet to come” will be the message of this month’s Republican National Convention in Charlotte, Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said Tuesday on “The Story.”

“I think the president is going to lay out for the American people just what he’s going to do to continue the prosperity that he started in his first term,” McDaniel told host Sandra Smith. “I mean, it it didn’t just come that we had record low unemployment and seven million jobs were created. It was because of deregulation. It was because of tax cuts. It was because of sound policy, better trade deals, energy independence. And there’s more of that to come.

“You know, the president always says, ‘The best is yet to come,’ and we’re going to lay that out as to what four more years will be of President Trump and the best is yet to come for every American in their lives,” McDaniel said. “And that is what the president’s focused on, that every day, average American and how can he make their lives better?”

Trump is scheduled to accept his party’s nomination on Aug. 24, the fourth and final night of the convention.

Axios reported that “the programming will be a hybrid that mixes in-person and virtual speakers, live and taped appearances.”

A portion of the program that promises “nightly surprises” and the “highest-profile guests” will take place during the 10 p.m. ET hour. McDaniel declined to elaborate on that portion of the proceedings Tuesday night.

The chairwoman did address the question with whether media members would be credentialed for the event, once again casting aspersions on North Carolina Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper for putting restrictions on the gathering.


“We have to cut down our delegation and it is hard to fit people into a room with those really strict restrictions that governor has put in place,” McDaniel said. “So I would tell everybody in the media, if you have a problem, call Governor Cooper.

“Only 10 people are allowed at an inside gathering [in North Carolina]. So imagine how hard it’s been just to navigate getting 336 people into our nominating aspect,” McDaniel added. “So it’s going to be hard to get as much media in as we want, but we will make sure that this gets coverage.”


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