Love Island fans gobsmacked as Michael and Joanna are told just ONE of them will go in savage twist

Love Island fans gobsmacked as Michael and Joanna are told just ONE of them will go in savage twist

LOVE Island fans were left gobsmacked this evening as Michael and Joanna were told that just one them would be leaving the island.

In a shock twist, Caroline Flack revealed they would have to split up to remain on the show after Anna and Jordan were saved by their fellow Islanders.

Michael and Joanna have a huge decision to make

After lots of drama in the villa, in tonight’s episode the Islanders headed out to the Island Club – a private Love Island club where they were supposed to have fun and dance together.

Things became less enjoyable when Caroline Flack entered and told the Islanders that the public had been voting to save their favourite couple.

The bottom two couples were revealed as Anna and Jordan and Michael and Joanna who were told they were at risk of being dumped.

Caroline then told the remaining Islanders (Molly-Mae and Tommy, Amber and Ovie, Maura and Chris, Fran and Curtis and Anton and Belle) that in their couples, they could either save Anna and Jordan or Michael and Joanna.

The Islanders decided to save Jordan and Anna
Jordan and Anna were not happy and they found out they were in the bottom two
Michael laughed when he heard what the deal was

The couples picked Anna and Jordan (three couples voted for them to stay over two couples voting for Michael and Joanna to stay)

Caroline then revealed that either Michael or Joanna must leave the Island and that one of them will be dumped.

She said: “You can’t stay on Love Island as a couple. One of you must leave the island.”

Those watching at home couldn’t believe what they were watching and took to Twitter to discuss it.

One person wrote:  “ONLY ONE PERSON IS LEAVING?? #loveisland.”

Its a big night for all the Islanders

A second added: “#Loveisland  makes Eastenders look like a drama free show. “

While a third remarked: “Love Island producers are absolutely killing me hahahahahha that’s the best twist ever.. Michael you can run but you can’t escape haha #Mamber will be back together #LoveIsland.”

The news followed an episode which saw the foundations of Anton Danyluk and Belle Hassan’s relationship begin to crumble.

His ill-conceived idea to give his number to a check-out girl, and then to kiss Anna Vakili, did not go down well with his partner.

After choosing to kiss Anna and “marry” Belle in the evening’s challenge, Anton said “I just wanted to express how I felt about you and what I was going to say, if you had let me, is that there’s a lot of traits I can see in you that I could see as wife material.

“But you shut me down straight away and that is the most embarrassed I’ve ever felt in my life.”

Anton admitted that he doesn’t think he has done anything wrong.

Belle snapped back: “Then that’s a problem.”

Elsewhere Amber Gill confronted Michael Griffiths, and told her former partner that their relationship could have worked and that she still has feelings for him.


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