It’s time for Britain to let David Davis be the Goliath for the Brexit fight

It’s time for Britain to let David Davis be the Goliath for the Brexit fight

PERSEVERANCE is an admirable quality. Try, try, try again! We all admire the boxer, flat out on the canvas, who nonetheless staggers to his feet to

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PERSEVERANCE is an admirable quality.

Try, try, try again! We all admire the boxer, flat out on the canvas, who nonetheless staggers to his feet to get another seven shades of **** knocked out of him before the mercy of the bell.


Brexiteer David Davis has the credentials and the experience to fight for the best future for Britain[/caption]

But sometimes perseverance is stupid and pointless. And a grave mistake.

You might hope that our Prime Minister has learned this now.

At long last the spineless monkeys in the Conservative Party have told her to give it a rest. Go and have a lie down somewhere quiet, Theresa. Chill.

She still wants to soldier on, banging her head against a brick wall, her brain cells diminishing every time. But she has to go. And surely she will go.

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Theresa May has been dealt a bad hand because there’s no majority in the Commons for any Brexit solution[/caption]


Let’s be kind. Theresa May has been dealt a bad hand.

Truth be told, there is no majority in the House of Commons for ANY Brexit solution. No majority for No Deal. No majority for her deal.

No majority for a second referendum. That won’t change simply because the leader changes.

But she hasn’t helped herself, either.

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The cracks in the Brexit negotiations began to show quickly as Theresa May opened negotiations with Michel Barnier[/caption]

She called an election last year which wasn’t needed and overnight lost her entire majority. That was dumb.

And for two years she has been criminally inept at dealing with the thuggish bureaucrats of the European Union. She has been perpetually on the back foot. Too ready to agree to each and every concession demanded by these smug pygmies.

An extortionate bill for leaving — yep ok, do you want a tip with that? Restrictions upon how we trade, how we regulate our economy, on what we do with our Irish border. Yep, ok, we agree.

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Jean-Claude Juncker made it clear negotiations will not be reopened[/caption]

Perhaps she thought she was being NICE. Well, ok. But the people we’re dealing with aren’t nice. They’re spiteful and vengeful and want to see Britain suffer.

Because they know the EU is coming apart at the seams. Just look at France today.

But Theresa May has been out-manoeuvred at every single point.

Perhaps worse, she has appointed decent Brexit secretaries — David Davis and Dominic Raab — and then overruled everything they tried to do. Went behind their backs to push HER agenda. She was for Remain, remember.

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Theresa May’s decision to call a snap election was not her smartest decision[/caption]

And as a result the Europeans are crowing with delight.

I heard a Latvian MEP the other day instructing us what we must do to strike a deal. Laying down the law. A Latvian!

We are not going to be told what to do by Latvians. Or people from Luxembourg.

This is the United Kingdom. We are a sovereign nation and we will do as we please.


We have the fifth largest economy in the world. Latvia doesn’t make the top 100. So get real.

And that’s how we should have conducted negotiations from Day One, two years ago.

We should have said — we would like to strike a nice deal with you.

You are our friends and allies.

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Dominic Raab would not be a bad choice to lead the Tory party — he is a Brexiteer and it MUST be a Brexiteer[/caption]

But don’t worry, we’d also be perfectly happy with no deal. In which case you get no money whatsoever.

Kick up a fuss about that and we’ll sue you for reparations from our expenditure in freeing you from tyranny in the Second World War.

A fight which bankrupted us and for which we have never been repaid. And further… try to restrict our trade and we’ll sue you again. We don’t want to do all this, but we will if we have to.

So cut the bluster, don’t get arsey and let’s see if we can come to some arrangement.


The Conservative activists would probably like Boris Johnson to lead the party[/caption]


Not the one Switzerland, or Norway, or Canada has. A United Kingdom agreement.

One just for us. Comprenez? Verstehen? Capice? Understand?

It’s not yet too late to take that very approach over to Brussels.

The Remainer MPs back here will try to undermine us at every step — which is one of the problems we’ve had all along.

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Jacob Rees-Mogg couldn’t hold the party together either[/caption]

But a new leader with a supportive and united Cabinet might at least proceed with a bit of confidence and chutzpah.

Who should it be? Sajid Javid is one of the favourites. But I haven’t got a clue what the bloke stands for, or what he believes in. He would be Maybot Mark II.

The Conservative activists would probably like Boris Johnson or Jacob Rees-Mogg. But they couldn’t hold the party together — and the voters, north of Watford, are not terribly keen.

Dominic Raab would not be a bad choice — he is a Brexiteer and it MUST be a Brexiteer.

But a bit more experience wouldn’t go amiss. We need a clever little bastard who knows his stuff. So, you Tories — get behind David Davis. Cometh the hour, cometh the man.

The bell chimed for Theresa May some time ago, in truth. We’re grateful for your efforts, Theresa… but late though it is, we need to change our leader for the fight, a deadly fight.

Out with Chamberlain, then, and in with a pocket-sized Churchill.