‘Humiliated’ Kim Jong-un admitted ‘I’m not a god’ and resigned from North Korean defence council following disastrous Trump summit, expert claims

‘Humiliated’ Kim Jong-un admitted ‘I’m not a god’ and resigned from North Korean defence council following disastrous Trump summit, expert claims

A “HUMILIATED” Kim Jong-un admitted he was “not a god” and resigned from a key position following his disastrous nuke summit with Donald Trump, an

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A “HUMILIATED” Kim Jong-un admitted he was “not a god” and resigned from a key position following his disastrous nuke summit with Donald Trump, an expert has claimed.

The North Korean leader, 35, left his meeting with the US President in Vietnam in February empty handed – a failure which has reportedly sparked a bloodthirsty purge of high-ranking officials.


Kim Jong-un was left humiliated by the failure of his summit with Trump and admitted he was ‘not a god’, it has been claimed[/caption]

But it is now claimed that Kim, in a bid to appear humble, admitted that he was not “omnipotent” and resigned from the rogue state’s defence council when he returned from Hanoi.

Expert Dr John Hemmings, Director of the Asia Studies at the Henry Jackson Society, told The Sun Online that a senior South Korean military official made the revelation at a conference in Seoul last month.

He said: “Kim spent 60 hours on the train going down to Vietnam and then 60 hours all the way schlepping back to North Korea.

“He was humiliated. He immediately gave as speech in which he declared not to be omnipotent. He said ‘I’m not a god’.

“He admitted his part in the error before resigning from the defence council.


“This was all in preparation for the purge and to squash discontent and explain how he’d misunderstood Trump.”

In his meeting with the brash New Yorker, Kim reportedly asked for economic sanctions against North Korea to be dropped in return for the part-dismantling of his nuclear arsenal.

Trump and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo balked at the dictator’s terms and walked away from the meeting.

Since then, there have been numerous reports of foreign ministry being executed following the failure of the summit.


However, reports that Kim Hyok-chol, the former envoy to the US, was killed in March have proved to be false.

Another official, Kim Yong-chol was reported to have been sent to a concentration camp – however he was recently pictured at an event with the despot.

Dr Hemmings, who briefs the UK Foreign Office and the Ministry of Defence on matters relating to Asia, said that it is hard to verify stories about the “utterly bizarre” regime which has been a diplomatic basket case for decades.


Talks between US President Trump and Kim Jong-un broke down in Hanoi, Vietnam[/caption]

AP:Associated Press

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo wipes his forehead as Trump talks to reporters in Hanoi[/caption]


Kim Jong-un is driven away after his crunch talks with US President Trump collapsed[/caption]


He said: “In 10 years of covering North Korea it is still impossible to know what is anecdotal and what is true.

“It’s hard to know whether these are rumours being fed by the regime to create fear or if they’re made up by North Korea’s enemies.”

However, the expert said he has no reason to doubt reports of officials being executed following the Trump summit.

He said: “Kim was clearly angry. So I don’t doubt there are purges and that people are being removed and punished – they might be sent out to labour camps or they may be executed.”

Dr Hemmings added that dictators such as Kim view purges as “a necessary exercise” to maintain their ruthless grip on power.


He said that the 35-year-old styles himself as “one of the people” much like his beloved grandfather Kim Il-sung who was the first leader of the rogue state.

This would explain why Kim resigned from the defence council and admitted his fault for the disastrous meeting in Hanoi, the expert said.

Dr Hemmings said: “He’s trying to be more like his grandfather – the way he dresses. He has the same buzz cut hairstyle

“Kim also tried to be a little more regular – even though I know this sounds really contrary to what we’ve seen – he still tries to be a regular guy.

“His resignation from that position is another example of this.

“When he was in Singapore (for a summit in 2018) he talked about reforming the country.

“So he’s trying to go after his own grandfather’s image which was more beloved to the people. “

“Kim has tried to move away from the ‘godhood of the family” – he even gave that speech after Vietnam where he professed his mortality and resigned from a position.

“That’s someone who is trying to create an image of just another man suffering with his people.”

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Dr Hemmings says the dictator is styling himself after his grandfather Kim Il-sung, left, rather than his father Kim Jong-il, right.[/caption]

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