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Germany panic as it outlines threat of Britain after Brexit ‘UK is now economic competito


Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas urged EU chiefs to go into trade negotiations united and warned against compromising to keep Britain close after Brexit. He said dumping measures and unfair competitive conditions must be prevented after Britain’s exit from the bloc.

Speaking in Germany’s Bundestag, Mr Mass said: “The European Union is striving for a free trade zone without tariffs and quotas.

“But that means zero dumping and zero unfair competition at the same time. Unfortunately, we are hearing other things from London at the moment.”

Sending a warning shot to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, he said: “But Britain will have to take this into account, especially if it wants to continue to enjoy duty-free access to the largest single market in the world.”

Germany also discussed its concerns in a conversation with EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier.

Mr Maas said, although the EU sees Britain as a “close friend and partner”, it must now see it as a “competitor” after its decision to exit the bloc.

He added: “In any case, we will not be able to, and we will not accept competition downwards in terms of environmental standards or the rights of workers and consumers.

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