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Five million Brits to go on Europe driving holidays – Drivers warned to check for THIS

Driving in Europe could see an increase in demand due to the safe and comfortable journey road users can have inside their vehicle. The socially-distanced setting will even attract 1.6million drivers who will shun air travel and drive to Europe for the first time, according to data from RAC Europe.

It is expected that 40 percent of the total number of annual trips could take place over just a few months as road users battle to escape the UK during the coronavirus pandemic.

However, the RAC has urged drivers to ensure they check their breakdown policies before setting off on a trip.

Drivers must ensure they have the correct cover in place with many agreements having special restrictions.

The RAC warns drivers that not having the correct breakdown cover could leave motorists in an awkward position should they break down.

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This is because most standard breakdown policies do not cover large caravans or motorhomes or cover the costs of returning the vehicle.

They warn those hoping to hire a motorhome for a trip will also need to ensure they have valid car insurance in place for the journey.

Rod Dennis, spokesperson for RAC Europe said: “In many ways, opting to take the car makes a lot of sense.

“Those that do so have a safe space of their own when travelling, with zero or minimal contact needed with other people when crossing borders.

“While those staying in a caravan or tent also have the reassurance that they have a holiday base which is as safe an environment as possible.

“Anyone driving also enjoys the flexibility that comes from having their own form of transport for getting about – and is ideal for seeking out places far from the crowds.

“With so many people expected to be taking staycations this summer due to a combination of a greatly reduced flights schedule, together with a reticence to fly in busy cabins in close proximity to others, this year is clearly being seen as the ideal time to explore Europe by car.

“The only thing drivers will need to bear in mind is the more limited availability of ferry and Eurotunnel tickets.”

The RAC urged motorists to ensure they have packed a series of essentials before setting off on a driving holiday to Europe.

Motorists need a full, valid driving licence and national insurance number as well as proof of vehicle insurance, ID, a V5C log book certificate and any travel insurance documents.

The RAC also urged motorists to take reflective jackets, a warning triangle and a first aid kit while driving as these are compulsory in some countries.

Motorists must ensure they have a GB car sticker attached to their vehicle if they do not have a number plate with the GB logo on.

Headlamp beam deflectors are also important as lights are designed for UK roads and may dazzle drivers unless these are properly changed.


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