‘Entitled’ brat told to ‘sell one of his designer bags’ to help ‘REAL’ homeless person by disgusted Rich Kids Go Homeless viewers

‘Entitled’ brat told to ‘sell one of his designer bags’ to help ‘REAL’ homeless person by disgusted Rich Kids Go Homeless viewers

RICH Kids Go Homeless viewers have blasted an “entitled” ballet dancer who couldn’t even last one night on the television experim

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RICH Kids Go Homeless viewers have blasted an “entitled” ballet dancer who couldn’t even last one night on the television experiment – insisting that he should have done more to help a homeless person who was desperately saving for a deposit on a house.

Appearing on the latest instalment of the Channel 4 show, Calum, 24, doesn’t have a full-time job and admitted that he thought homeless people are “lazy” and sometimes even “dangerous”.


Calum, 24, admitted he thought homeless people were ‘lazy’ and ‘dangerous’ ahead of the experiment[/caption]

Leaving behind his expensive wardrobe consisting of £4,000 Louis Vuitton and a £3,000 Givenchy bags, he is tasked with spending three nights on the streets of Kensington and Chelsea.

The London borough has the third highest homelessness figures nationwide.

But while plenty of viewers enjoyed seeing ballet dancer Calum getting a much-needed reality check, it was homeless man Gert’s story that really struck a chord with viewers.

The 49-year-old has been sleeping on the streets for the past five years, having moved to England from Belgium 13 years ago.


Gert – who has been homeless for five years – is just £1,500 away from having enough money for a deposit on a house[/caption]

Gert was made homeless after he got a pay rise at his job in a warehouse.

What should have been a good thing quickly turned into a nightmare as his new increased income stripped Gert of his housing benefits but also wasn’t enough for him to pay rent elsewhere.

Gert still works eight-hour shifts in his job, but is forced to sleep in the grounds of a church in Chiswick in order to save enough money to get a place of his own – and is still £1,500 from his target.


Gert was made homeless after his housing benefits were taken away from him after getting a small pay rise at work[/caption]

However, the reality of Gert’s situation (combined with the -5 conditions) proved too much for Calum and he quickly hailed a black cab back to take him back to his relative’s home nearby.

Although Calum returned the next day to apologise to Gert and give him his unused sleeping bag, viewers were not impressed with the rich kid’s attitude to the experiment.

Taking to Twitter to express their frustration, one wrote: “He seriously only gave the poor man his sleeping bag (that the production company probably bought)?!

“Gert used needed £1,500 more in his savings to get himself a studio. That’s less than half the price of your Louis Vuitton bag you pompous p****.”


One viewer said he should have simply sold one of his designer bags instead of taking Gert out for a drink[/caption]


Another blasted Calum for only giving Gert a sleeping bag[/caption]


A third said Calum’s behaviour was ‘disgusting’[/caption]

Another raged: “Don’t understand why Callum is taking him for a drink rather than selling one of his bags to give Gert the money he needs to get his deposit. Did I miss something?”

A third added: “Proper entitled, he’d probably feel different if he had to actually earn his money like Gert!”

Reflecting on the entire series, another viewer wrote: “Disgusting. Not one of these multimillionaire kids have given money to get the people who supported them off the streets… one only needed £250 and another £1,500.

“They spend that on a night out so why not give back and do something for someone else.”

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