Aggressive river otters are attacking people and dogs in Alaska

River otters are mysteriously attacking people and pets in Anchorage, Alaska prompting wildlife officials to warn the public to keep their distance. According to the state’s Department of Fish and Game, a group of troublesome otters have attacked people in outdoor areas,

Jupiter's Great Red Spot is speeding up, NASA discovered 

Jupiter’s Great Red Spot is getting faster, according to NASA scientists, who say winds around the edge of the famous storm are now reaching 400mph.  NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland analysed the Hubble Space Telescope’s regular ‘storm reports’ and

Scientists develop a 3D-printed microneedle vaccine patch

Scientists have developed a tiny 3D-printed microneedle vaccine patch that could offer a pain-free alternative to needles.   In trials on mice, it offered a 10-fold greater immune response and a 50-fold greater T-cell and antigen-specific antibody response compared with a needle in

Ancient amphitheatres in Turkey had box seating

Ancient amphitheatres had box seats, according to a new study, which found a private seating area with names engraved at an 1,800-year-old arena in Turkey. The discovery of the ‘VIP box seats’ was made during an excavation of the Pergamon amphitheater in the

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