Call the Midwife spoilers: Trixie Franklin in MAJOR job twist after abortion plot?

Call the Midwife spoilers: Trixie Franklin in MAJOR job twist after abortion plot?

Call the Midwife is known for its powerful storylines and tear-inducing endings, and as the BBC period drama gets into full-swing with season eight things are no different.

Tonight’s instalment shone the spotlight on the difficult subject of abortion in the 1960s, as it was illegal for women to have the procedure done at the time.

There were ways around it for some expectant mothers, but only if there was significant risk of danger or the woman to become insane as a result.

During tonight’s episode, a vibrant and beloved character called Jeanie was an integral member of the community, and became good friends with Trixie (played by Helen George) at her hoola hoop exercise class.

The pair continued to grow closer when Trixie became concerned Jeanie was pregnant, but the already mother-of-two was scared of the thought.

Later confiding in the midwife she knew she could be a good mother to two children, she was adamant a third would be one too many, and feared she would struggle to cope.

What followed was a tragic storyline that saw Jeanie beg Doctor Turner (Stephen McGann) to cut corners and refer her for an abortion, but he stood firm with the law.

The character then decided to visit an illegal clinic in secret and she conducted a serious infection and died, leaving her husband and two children behind.

Trixie was left particularly effected by the loss, and struggled to continue on with her midwife duties.

When the Poplar police officer visited Nonnatus House asking to speak to the nurse, it became even more clear how jaded she had become in her job.

“Jeanie was unhappy, she was frightened, she did not want to have a baby, and I can also tell you we see this all the time,” the angry midwife shared.

“Young girls, mature women, mothers who are waiting for their next beating, none of them want more children.”

“And all we can do is pat them on the back and say, ‘You’ll manage, everybody does.’

“But not everybody does,” a heartbroken Trixie declared, as she sobbed to the policeman.

“I’m even more sorry that I couldn’t help her,” she said sadly.

Later, Trixie was forced to carry on with her hoola hooping showcase, and she struggled to go on-stage knowing it would be without Jeanie.

“Come on, let’s do it for her,” Nurse Valerie Dyer (Jennifer Kirby) soothed.

Also in the episode, Doctor Turner fought his own guilt over Jeanie’s death, and faced the blame from her grieving husband.

“I won’t have you blaming yourself for this,” his wife Shelagh said.

“The truth is I failed her weeks ago, I gave her no choice,” Doctor Turner cried.

Could he face more trouble in next week’s instalment too? And will Trixie be able to move on from the devastating events of tonight?

Call the Midwife continues Sundays at 8pm on BBC One.

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