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At 98 and facing cancer, Bob Dole reckons with legacy of Trump and ponders future of GOP


  • Dole said there’s no question that Trump lost his reelection race – narrowly but fair and square.
  • On the current political environment, he says, “I do believe we’ve lost something.”
  • Dole described Biden as “a great, kind, upstanding, decent person.”

Bob Dole turns 98 years old Thursday and is battling lung cancer, but he is still outspoken about what’s going on in the Washington he once helped lead – from the Keystone Pipeline to the need to protect the Senate filibuster.

“Both sides use it,” the former Senate majority leader noted of the parliamentary rule, then praised “the guy from West Virginia” who is defending it. That would be Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin. Dole decided on the spot that he’d like to meet Manchin – to invite him over for a chat, no big agenda, across party lines. Like the old days.

“I keep fairly busy,” Dole said during a 45-minute interview in his apartment in the Watergate complex, and he has more things he wants to do. He hopes to regain enough strength to make “one more trip home,” to Kansas, to visit the Veterans Affairs medical center in Topeka and meet with students at the University of Kansas’ Dole Institute of Politics in Lawrence.


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