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Astonishing moment lizard brought back to life via CPR by Australian firefighter – VIDEO


The reptile was in need of assistance after falling into a neighbourhood swimming pool in an attempt to cool down from scorching heat. CPR was performed on Lucky after it was rescued from drowning in a swimming pool in New South Wales. Fire and Rescue NSW Station 037 Gordon posted a video of Lucky the lizard being rescued on Facebook.

The post said: “On Saturday one of our off duty firefighters was asked to attend a neighbourhood pool where a drowning had occurred.

“Upon arriving at the scene a youngster was lying unconscious and not breathing.

“Immediately getting to work the 37 firefighters checked for a response by looking, listening and feeling for life the patient appeared cold-blooded.”

The firefighter placed the lizard on a nearby table before gently pushing its chest to bring it back to life.

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Using just one finger the firefighter was able to push with the correct amount of strength to animate the lizard.

After a few minutes, Lucky’s chest began to lift again on its own as the lizard gasped for air.

The firefighter recognised the need to continue CPR and kept going until the lizard was breathing consistently.

Nearby children voiced concerns that there may still be water trapped in the lizard’s chest which may cause it to drown.

The World Wildlife Fund in Australia believes as many as 1.25 billion animals may have been killed directly or indirectly by the blazing weather.

Last year was the country’s hottest and driest year on record as a result of climate change.

Kangaroos, wallabies, gliders, potoroos, cockatoos and honeyeaters are among some of the species of animals killed in the fires.

As much as a third of Koalas are feared to be killed moving the already declining species towards extinction.


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